I started Mint Marketing Solutions in 2010 after working for an advertising agency. I realized almost immediately that most small business owners need help with marketing. They are busy, wear way too many hats, and have modest budgets. I have a background in hotel operations, marketing. communications and online sales. Twenty years of working with business owners and non-profits has given me the skills and experience to give each and every client the unique and proven brand advantage that they deserve with an ROI that they can point to.

I'm a marketer, but I'm also a mom that hates cooking, a photographer that would rather be shooting (and eating) cupcakes, a Facebook and Words with Friends addict and a cross-fitting, yoga-practicing ballet teacher. I love telling stories, and I am intrigued by people who have great ones to tell.

So, why mint? I love everything mint - mint chocolate chip ice cream, Caribou Coffee's Mint Condition, the color, you get the picture! However, mint also suggests growth, prosperity, and a fresh approach to marketing your business. Every business, regardless of size, needs a strong online brand presence. I can help you create a strategy, implement it, keep up with changing trends, and engage and interact with current and future customers.

A great mint leaves a lasting impression…I look forward to helping you and your business look amazing online. I'd be honored to help tell your story.

Stay social,

Terri Marascio
President, Mint Marketing Solutions
Chief Photographer Officer (CPO), Mint Photography