3 LinkedIn Mistakes You're Probably Making

What if you could attract more clients, investors, job opportunities or even a better paying position? Here are 3 common mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn...and how you can fix them fast!

1. You're not claiming your custom URL and adding what you do to your name.
This is a little trick to look more polished and stand out in the crowd. Make sure you are claiming your personal URL on LinkedIn.

How do I claim my personal URL?
1. Click on the 'wheel' below your profile.

2. Look at the top right, and click on the pencil near your URL, enter your custom URL (your name, etc.) and click SAVE.

Adding a short description to your name is something only a few people do - but when you do - you sure do stand out! Here are two examples:

Without any additional descriptions (search function):

With an additional description:

How do I do that?
Easy! Just edit your LAST name - click the pencil to the right of your name to edit. Place a comma after your last name, and then a very short description. If your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, you may not have enough room to put too much. Experiment with keywords and power words in your industry that would show your expertise. Don't forget to include your tagline (below your name) that doesn't just say 'President', but how you can help people. People care about who you are and how you do it, more than what you do.

2. You're writing your LinkedIn profile like a boring resume.
We are all just a 'tad' guilty of copying and pasting our resumes into LinkedIn. I'll admit, I've done it. However, if you have one and only one place to make it exciting - it's the SUMMARY box at the very top. Face it, most people are not reading anything else in depth. They are skimming your experience and companies you've worked for. However, the summary section is similar to the first third of your resume, which is typically what gets read by recruiters, and is your first (and sometimes ONLY) chance to get in the door.

So, what should I do?
1. Look at your summary. Would you want to do business with you?
2. Do you show your personality, passion or ingenuity in that summary section? How do you help businesses? What have you done in the past that would garner someone's attention?
3. Do you include a call to action to get people to contact you, do business with you or start a conversation?
4. Have you included MEDIA in this section? A link to your website, portfolios, projects, slideshares, etc? To add media click on the square-ish button at the top.

3. You're not using their blogging platform.
You may already be blogging on your website, tumblr, etc., but if you want to make an impact personally and professionally in front of 414 million LinkedIn users - you should post consistent updates on your profile. You can either write the entire post within LinkedIn or provide a 'teaser' to the post and then a link to the article on your website. I had a colleague that was not looking for a position, but had been blogging frequently. Recruiters took notice and began contacting him out of the blue due to his elevated influence on LinkedIn. For more information on the blogging platform, click here.

How do you do it?
Go to your profile.
Click on 'Write a New Post'
Include an image (at least 700 X 400 pixels)
Add tags and click Save or Publish when you are ready.

I hope you found these helpful!

Stay social,