5 Ways to Look Like a Boss on Facebook


If you’ve been on Facebook for awhile whether it be personally (seeing what others are making for dinner) or professionally (with a business/fan page), you know that Facebook is ever changing. The tools they have out there for businesses are amazing (and mostly still free), and you could increase sales by taking advantage of these 5 tips.

1. The 20% text limitation on Facebook Ads has been removed...for now.

Yes, we might be hearing screams of joy from businesses and marketers, but don’t get too excited! Facebook makes it very clear that there are guidelines to better performing ads, and ones that are riddled with text won’t get as much reach and will cost more to promote. To read a great article from Jon Loomer on Facebook’s Ad text test, click here. The minimalist approach is ALWAYS better as illustrated with these 2 examples. Which appeals to you more?

Some Exceptions:

An exception to the 20% rule

An exception to the 20% rule

Did you know? Facebook also notes that these guidelines don’t apply to the following:

  • Movie posters
  • Book covers
  • Album covers
  • Product images: Where an entire product can be seen, and not just a zoomed in image of the product
  • Posters for concerts/music festivals, comedy shows or sporting events
  • Text-based businesses: Calligraphy, cartoon/comic strips, etc.
  • App and game screenshots
  • Legal text
  • Infographics (I had no idea about this, but too much, is just too much - better to do a teaser and link to the infographic)

2. Facebook has FREE Shutterstock photos for you to use on your Facebook Ads.

Yes, FREE, legit, gorgeous photos with proven effectiveness, right there at your fingertips.  Use them if you don’t already have clear, professional photos of your own. However, you can only use the images in the ‘Create Ad’ Facebook ads section – you cannot use free photos just posting something on your timeline and then boosting it. Take the time to hire a professional to place your ads, or study up on placing ads in Facebook’s business manager ad tools to take advantage of this. For more detailed information on creating beautiful Facebook images, click here.

TIP: photos of women are the highest converting images on Facebook. Don’t see anything you like on Facebook? Pexels.com has royalty free, really different (ie not tired and overused) images. If you sign up for their newsletter, you get instant access to 40 FREE images that are great for all kinds of applications. Also, test tons of images on Facebook. You can add up to 50 ads = 50 pictures for one ad set (meaning one set per objective)! Try using 10 to start.

3. Create a graphic header for your Facebook cover photo (and while you're at it use the same design and simply resize for Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Etsy, etc.) to promote branding and consistency.

Have an event coming up? Swap out your header photo and include the date, time, event, call to action, etc. Want a little more pizzazz? Simply create an image that has an arrow pointing to your call to action button on your page. Be sure to follow the latest sizing cheat sheets (click here for one!). This is where (unless you know Illustrator or Photoshop), you should delegate to a professional. They can even size Facebook shared images for you to use for posts. Don’t think you can afford a graphic designer? You really cannot afford NOT to, but you could use Fiverr, 99Designs (bid) or Canva (free).

These are so creative (just take into account how it looks on the mobile version):

4. Start a Facebook Group.

So, Facebook Groups are a great way to take things a little more ‘offline’ with an exclusive group of fans, clients, vendors, etc. Don’t know whether you should start one? Join one first, so you know how it works and if you like the concept!  Here are a few other things to consider:

1.     You have a product or service that has a SUPER large following on your business page and reach is declining or you just don’t feel like you can really talk to your superfans without boosting a post.

2.     You serve or sell to a certain hobby, passion, cause or business interest. Examples: Photographers (you sell a photo editing product), Athletes (Crossfit fanatics that want to learn about latest and greatest products, events, tips, injury prevention, videos), Local Women’s Group (you want to talk to other professionals in the area, other mommies to share tips, advice), Short Term Event (you have volunteers, helpers, staff, etc. that need to talk to each other in preparation for an event and be aware of everything going on).

Set the description as to exactly why the group exists and what the rules are.

Set the description as to exactly why the group exists and what the rules are.

3.     You have a book, product or service that OTHERS can rave about while you offer tips, advice, education and ideas for free. Note, you have to HAVE something to talk about here...not just - let’s sell myself for free and let people hear me blab! If you do it well, you are simply the moderator as people showcase your product and tell everyone ELSE how great it is…

4.     You have someone on staff or a volunteer that likes to communicate and can keep up with posting, initiating conversations or adding/approving members. Bonus if they can do some cool graphics.

5.     Don’t start one if you have NO idea what to say or how you would maintain it. For some, it’s better to just do your fan page and do paid ads, etc. You cannot promote ads to a group. You cannot schedule posts. You CAN start live chats, group discussions, post documents and get generally more interaction because group members are notified of your posts. They’ve asked to join your group or accepted your invitation, and truly have an interest in the subject matter. Don't abuse that power, or they will leave.

A place to ask for feedback using your product.

A place to ask for feedback using your product.

5. Use custom audiences to target your ideal client or fan on Facebook.

There are 3 main audiences to try. Click here for more details and directions on how to set them up.

  1.  Lookalike Audiences: You can create a lookalike audience one of three ways: Tracking people that visited your website (need pixel installed on your site), tracking people that downloaded your mobile app, and people that are similar to the fans of your page.  
  2. Custom Audience from your email list: You upload your current email list – must have at least 100 emails or phone numbers – and market only to them. Love that MailChimp works with this seamlessly!
  3. Custom Email ‘Lookalike’ audience: You upload your current email list (from #2) and then find other people on Facebook that match your audience. They use the email addresses/phone numbers and match as many as possible to the email addresses that people used to create their Facebook page. They match those characteristics and build a list of potentially similar buyers or fans.

So, there you go. Some tips that small/medium business owners should use to get started and get results with Facebook! Email me with any questions, or join our monthly newsletter list to get more marketing tidbits sent to your inbox!

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