How Marketing Visionaries Say You Should Transform your Thinking in 2018

When you get a chance to hear Seth Godin in person. You go. When you have a chance to hear 17 other groundbreaking digital marketers in the span of 36 hours, it's a bonus. So, I'm going to cut to the chase and give you my top takeaways/quotes* from the Internet Summit Digital Marketing Conference in Raleigh, NC. I hope even one thought helps you transform your thinking in 2018.

*FYI: I was frantically taking notes, so it is possible I did not record every word exactly as spoken.

Seth Godin, Marketing Guru and Best-Selling Author

Your goal as a marketer is to have the smallest possible market. They will happily pay you more for your product or service.
— Seth Godin
We have left the ‘industrial’ economy. We are now a connection economy.
— Seth Godin
You’re not going to beat your competitors by thinking the same way they do.
— Seth Godin
Turn the funnel into a megaphone. Let people spread the word for you.
— Seth Godin
If cat food was for cats, it would be mouse flavored.
— Seth Godin

Christopher Butler, COO Newfangled

The most important thing on your website (home page) is not the newest, but the truest.
— Christopher Butler

Scott Calderwood, Director of Web Strategy & Technology at SAS Institute

Simply put. We test, so we can make things better. (when discussing A/B testing on websites)
— Scott Calderwood
Don’t disregard even the smallest percentage of improvement in an A/B test. You can test to win, and you can test not to lose.
— Scott Calderwood

Heather Pemberton Levy, VP, Content Strategy & Publishing at Gartner, Inc

Characters and moments create hooks that keep your audience engaged so they will remember your big idea.
— Heather Pemberton Levy
Every technology, product and service enables a human moment.
— Heather Pemberton Levy

Jen Capstraw, Content Strategist for Adobe and Co-Founder of Women of Email

Photo courtesy of @jordanaxt81 - The ONION

Photo courtesy of @jordanaxt81 - The ONION

The FIRST and #1 thing you should do when creating and email campaign, is to create your CTA (call to action) - even before your subject line.
— Jen Capstraw

Megan Jones, The Moth - Storytelling

There is a big difference between:

The King died, and then the Queen died.

The King died, and then the Queen died of grief.
— Megan Jones

Matt Capala, Alphamatic on Agile SEO

SEO boils down to convincing stakeholders to commit resources.
— Matt Capala

Ann Handley, Head of Content at MarketingProfs

The definition of viral content in B2B is one retweet.
— Ann Handley
Think about your content as peer to peer versus brand to consumer.
— Ann Handley
Engaging a smaller ‘squad’ (loyal group/tribe) is always better than a broader audience.
— Ann Handley

Amy Schmittauer, Vlogboss

You have an emotional commitment to your community. (regarding vlogging)
— Amy Schmittauer
Viewing culture on Facebook is completely different on YouTube. (when discussing consuming video on Facebook vs YouTube)
— Amy Schmittauer
Treat each video like you are speaking to a loyal follower (even if it’s a brand new follower that is watching you for the first time).
— Amy Schmittauer

Blake Pappas, Vertical Measures

Content marketing is a culture.
— Blake Pappas
3 steps to content marketing success:
1. You need whole company buy-in.
2. You need to document the strategy.
3. You need to create content that people are actually searching for.
— Blake Pappas

Stacey Jaffe, Vice President of Digital Content and Channels, Teach for America

Social Media is one giant focus group.
— Stacey Jaffe