How to Get Raving Fans to Leave you a Google Review

Your clients LOVE YOU! You want them to leave you lots of blinding 5 stars. However, leaving a Google Review for your business can be a little tricky to explain. There are vendors out there that charge you to generate a 'cheat sheet' to give to your raving fans. But if you simply want to send an email or post on social media to get them to do so, here's a way you can do that!

I'm going to use an example from my customer, The Organizing Pro. They are a professional organizing team in Charlotte, NC. We wanted an easy way to distinguish them from their competition online without paid SEO. One way to do that is with Google Reviews.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to have a Google Account (Gmail or email address linked to or hosted by Google) in order to leave a Google Review or set up a Google+ page. In most cases, you need to be logged into that account at that time to leave one. It allows you to be a 'real' human being and not a robot or spammer.

1. Create an email to send out with directions

Either from your own personal email address or your email service, create an email. See the email we sent via MailChimp here: Make sure people know this will only take a few minutes, otherwise, they won't bother. I don't recommend giving incentives like discounts or freebies for filling out a Google review. It doesn't seem as authentic. Simply ASK and then THANK. If you DO offer an incentive, make sure it's for leaving a review and not for leaving a POSITIVE review only.

2. Google Review through Google Maps (easiest)

Tell your clients to open the Google Maps app (comes standard on Android, you may have to download on iOS) or your Google browser on your mobile device. Search for your business name. Scroll down to the stars, and leave a brief review in seconds.

3. From your Google + Page

First of all, you need to claim your Google+ page. If you haven't done that, or don't know how to do that, start here:

Once you know your Google+ page name (even if you're too new to claim a personalized URL), let people know the URL like:

If they are logged into their Gmail account, they can click on the pencil, leave a review and be done. If they are NOT logged in, it will prompt them to login.

4. From ANY Browser

Some people use the same browser and it may not default to a Google search tool. So, go to Search for your business name (logged into your Gmail account) and click on 'Write a Review.' Done!

Why should I care?

So, you might be asking - why does this even matter? Well these days, a Google review can help shape your business more than a Google Ad or paid SEO. According to a Zendesk survey, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision. It helps YOU stand out in the crowd.

Just by adding our first 5 reviews on Google, The Organizing Pro's presence went from ho-hum to above the competition in a matter of 48 hours. See below how this looks to a user searching for unpacking help in Charlotte, NC. Certainly stands out, doesn't it? We are also consistently one of the top results on the first page, and haven't paid a dime for SEO or Google Adwords.

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