Paying Attention to the 'Cracks' in your Marketing

We are in the initial stages of renovating our kitchen. Phase 1 included replacing the huge, ugly fluorescent light fixture with recessed lighting. We hired a drywall contractor to repair the existing damage from our dated lighting.

This is not my actual ceiling. I promise, it was much better than this...according to me.

This is not my actual ceiling. I promise, it was much better than this...according to me.

While I showed him to the kitchen, he began looking around our 20 year old home. His eyes immediately went to the ceiling, walls, custom trim, and previous repair work from other unfortunate water incidents in the home.

"Ma'am, your trim is separating from the ceiling. Tsk..tsk...who repaired this? Do you want me to paint the entire ceiling? It may not match." So, I stand there, honestly, proud of the home we've put so much effort in, and I thought, man, I had no idea I had so much wrong with my house! "I'm a perfectionist, Ma'am, I don't even like the type of paint you're using."

I began thinking about what he said. John R. was a drywall guy. That's all he does: repair, sand, replace, paint and make things look great to the homeowner and their guests. Of course he is going to look around and see things that I don't. He sees structural issues, cosmetic blemishes and shoddy work from other contractors.

This is exactly what I do when I meet a marketing client. I do a complete audit of their social media, online presence, branding, email marketing and so on. I tell a lot of clients 'their baby is ugly' on a regular basis. Of course, I do it nicely - and maybe not as succinctly as John R., the drywall guy. But, I do. Sometimes I can't believe clients have not claimed their custom Facebook URL - for shame! Or, why in the world wouldn't they resize their social media graphics to fit into the correct format of each platform? Do you realize you used 14 fonts in one advertisement?

I realized we are all the 'drywall' guys of our own businesses. We see things that many do not see. We need outside eyes and ears to come in and assess what we are doing and help optimize the areas we are not strong in.

So, take a look at your marketing. Take a look at your own personal branding. Heck, take a look and see if you claimed your own custom LinkedIn URL (another pet peeve...but I digress). Look at your marketing as a fan, prospective client or even an investor would if they wanted to give you $1,000,000. You might act more like the drywall guy, wouldn't you?

Stay social,