If you have Answers, You Need Questions

Gary Vaynerchuck (aka Gary Vee), is a NY Times best selling author and the CEO (mega mogul) of social media and digital marketing at VaynerMedia. I've been following him for awhile, but heard him on an Entreleadership Podcast recently talking about his new book #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media and Self Awareness.

This guy knows A LOT about a lot of different topics. He's not shy sharing them, expletives and all.

His YouTube show and channel is set up in a Q&A format.

His new book is entirely Q&A, set up in sections by general topics like: Parenting, Education, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Gratitude, Leadership, etc. Once you are in that chapter, he breaks it down by questions presented to him in conferences, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and so on:

Why am I even talking about this? By the way, I get nothing for promoting his book! My point is value - he's providing VALUE to his fans and followers. 75%+ of Gary Vee's content is based on questions: questions from his viewers, listeners, followers and colleagues. He then takes this content and distributes it among all his channels - from social media to podcasts and physical books to videos. Yes, it took him a while to build up to this level - 20+ years - but many small business owners have been working in their industries and passions for 20+ years as well. You have a lot of knowledge to share, you just need to organize it so that you can benefit from it, and ultimately deliver great content to your fans.

How do I share my knowledge?

Ideally with video.

Video is very hot right now (and not going away) - meaning more visibility on all social channels and boosts to your SEO. If you are comfortable in front of the camera, record a prepared question and answer that you get a lot from customers or simply your thoughts on a particular topic. You can also have someone else interview you, with a 3rd party recording it. You can be at your desk, at your shop, in your studio, on location and even in your backyard (check out Darren Hardy -he batch records all his videos in paradise). Put that video on YouTube, natively on Facebook, share a link on Twitter, post on LinkedIn, share a link on Pinterest, turn it into a blog post, embed on your website, share with influencers on all mediums, embed in your email newsletters, sell to people or give it away in exchange for their email address or play in the lobby of your store on a TV or digital signage where customers can see it.

Darren Hardy batch records everything in his backyard. I want a backyard like this.

Darren Hardy batch records everything in his backyard. I want a backyard like this.

Don't have a fancy camera? You don't need one - use a good smart phone or see my blog post about creating a video. This video will then live in perpetuity, and help you tremendously with SEO (just tag properly and thoroughly with keywords that point to your topic and business). Marie Forleo does an excellent (and super funny) job with Q&A. It doesn't have to be so serious and painful. Show your personality and show value to your customers. If you can entertain at the same time, it will be shared easily and frequently. If you can do it, hire a professional to shoot and edit, or even start with a cartoon or animated version of yourself. There are companies on fiverr that do this very inexpensively.

Social Media Posts and Blogs.

So, you don't like videos, you've got a face for radio or you just plain cannot see yourself maintaining a video database for more than 4 seconds. Ok, no problem. Can you write? Does someone on your team write well? Hire a copywriter (worth their weight in gold) to whip out some great content as you simply shoot them the question and some basic bullet points for the answer. Again, do this in batches. Come up with 5-10 commonly asked questions and do it all at once. It will be more efficient and affordable for the copy writer, and by taking an hour to knock it out, you'll provide about 6 weeks worth of content in one sitting. Graphics are very important to use with Q&As on Social Media. Insert a link back to your blog post or FAQ page of your website.

FiberSeal of Charlotte


FAQ page on your Website.

If the 2 ways above are causing you to shake with trepidation and fear (I know, we aren't all Gary Vee), then simply add a FAQ page to your website and then refer to it frequently (with links, great graphics, etc.) on your social media. Make sure it is broken into categories like: Shipping, Customer Service, Returns, Ticket Prices, Location, Check In time, etc. depending upon your industry or services. Remember, your clients are going to SCAN for the answer if it is not found somewhere else on your website. Ultimately, you want them landing on the correct page to begin with, but if you feel like you get the same questions over and over, it's worth have an FAQ page for many businesses. Sometimes an ABOUT page is all that is needed.

I like to put the URL for a FAQ page in the about/description area of my Facebook business pages. That way, if there are more questions after my little blurb on Facebook, they can link to it easily.

Example: In the racing industry, I found that a separate FAN FAQ page and a DRIVER FAQ page helps you determine where your traffic is coming from on Google Analytics. If you're not answering questions for your fans on social media, it's very good to follow the traffic flow on your website to determine the most common questions (like can I bring a cooler to the speedway?). Then, make that a post on social media. Example: Hey! Just a reminder, you can bring a small cooler to the track, but NO glass. Plus, we have a family section with no smoking and no alcohol permitted, perfect for the whole family.


The last easy way to answer questions is on Facebook Live or Periscope. See my blog post on Facebook Live and just get on out there! You let people know when you'll be live, and they type in their questions in the comment section. You scroll through and answer them. Once the Live cast is over, it's saved as a video for others to watch later.

So, if you've got answers, your fans surely have questions! Encourage them to ask or simply start with some common FAQs.

Stay social,