Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

©Phil Cavali

Recently I had the opportunity to launch and post all of the social media for Humpy Wheeler's (of NASCAR fame) brand new company, Speedway Benefits.  I was tasked with setting up all of their social media channels and platforms prior to the public media event on October 8th.  None of the channels could go live or have any  real 'action' until 2:01pm when the press event began.  Here I am just before the launch with my laptop battery charged and ready to go.

As the room filled up with media, camera crews, dignitaries, etc. I'm chomping at the bit to post our carefully planned content, Facebook posts, Tweets, videos, etc.  It was very exciting!  At 2:01pm Ralph Sheheen (MC) took the stage and introduced Humpy Wheeler and the Speedway Benefits team.  It's GO time!  Everything went live, and I began to publish, post, Tweet, blog and click away.  It was incredible.  In 5 minutes, we had 25 followers on Twitter, and it just snowballed after that.  It was so invigorating to see the numbers continue to just double and triple in real time.  We utilized the hashtag #wegrowracing and continued to ReTweet and Share any other comments coming from those in the room.  The response was phenomenal.  The fans, tracks, media and most of all our team was very pleased and looking forward to a bright future for grassroots race tracks all over America and Canada.

©Phil Cavali
©Phil Cavali

What did I learn from this experience?

1.  Make sure you plan your content in advance, so that when people do hit your page for the first time, it's populated.  One comment I received from a friend was that when she saw the page, it looked like it had been there for years.  In fact, it had only been about 2 hours!   When people like your page or want to follow you - give them something to look at!

2.  If you build it they will not 'necessarily' come.  Yes, it sounded 'easy', but trust me, it took some back end work, press release distribution, PR, networking and many other factors to get people to get moving.  We are still networking with those who have worked for years to get to the numbers we hope to achieve.  Reach out, ask for a mention or a referral.  People are happy to support you.

And finally, 3. Have fun with it, and MAKE it exciting.  If you act like this is the biggest thing in the world, people will believe it is.

Speedway Benefits is something I truly believe will impact millions of Americans in a very short time.  Congrats to Humpy Wheeler, his son, Trip, and the whole team at Speedway Benefits.  I'm happy and proud to have tagged on for this 'short' track experience that I believe will be a very long, and prosperous ride.  Mint Marketing Solutions is proud to consult the team in social media, blog, SEO and web development.   I will be speaking on a Member's Only call to tracks about the Power of Social Media.  I look forward to helping more people see the benefits of social media marketing, no matter what industry, size or area of the country.

Want to learn more about Speedway Benefits?  Visit their website at or Twitter @SPDWYBenefits

Stay social,Terri