5 Things to Add to your 2014 Social Media Plan

Facebook will celebrate 10 years this year.  Really!  Google was launched in 1998, and they've done pretty well for themselves.  Trends come and go, naysayers will still be negative, but savvy business owners will make sure they have a smart plan in place to take their business to the next level this year. Here are a few things to consider when either starting a social media plan, or amping up yours this year:

1.  Look at your audience:  Do you really know your audience and where they are?  Is your company 'Facebook' material, or are they in a more niche place? Write down your target demographic and research where they are, what they respond to and ideas to reach them.

2. Look at me:  Is your product or service visually based?  If so, consider sites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.  Can you teach people how to use your product to better their lives?  Does your product or service inspire others?  Can you solve problems with your product or service?

3. Build a Lead Magnet:  Do you have content that people would love to get their hands on?  Do you have a special discount that you'd be happy to offer if only you could gather email addresses and basic data so you can continue to market to people?  Integrate a product like LeadPages into your strategy this year. 

4.  Feel the Love - Reviews and Referrals:  These are huge!  Take the time to look at your Google+ page and ASK for referrals and reviews!  Reward customers with a referral program that you can actually execute.  Drive people to these pages with incentives like - review us for a chance to win a free day of X!   Google likes reviews, so these will help with your SEO.

5.  Just Go Blog Already:  Yes, I know, blogging is tough - it takes time, energy, coordination, etc.  'Creating great content on a regular basis and driving traffic back to your site is going to remain the number #1 way to generate new leads' and this is through blogging.  Brainstorm a list of topics, distribute them to team members and assign due dates.  Everyone needs to be a part of it!

Don't forget to make sure your profiles are robust, clear and carefully thought out.  Did your objectives change?  How about keywords?  Adjust them, don't let them get stale.

Here's to your social success in 2014!  What else do you have planned?